How Many Minutes In A Year

How Many Minutes Are In a Year?

A Quick Overview

A year is made up of twelve months, each lasting an average of thirty days. That means that a year is usually around 365 days long. Each day is made up of 24 hours, and each hour consists of 60 minutes, so that means that the total number of minutes in a year is around 525,600.

The Leap Year

Every four years, an extra day is added to February, making the year 366 days long. This is known as a leap year, and it bumps up the total number of minutes in a year to 527,040.

The Reasons Behind the Leap Year

The reason that a leap year is necessary is because the Earth’s orbit around the sun isn’t exactly 365 days long. It’s actually 365.2422 days. That tiny fraction of a day adds up over time and would eventually cause the calendar to get out of sync with the seasons. The leap year helps to keep the calendar in line.

The Difference Between a Year and a Calendar Year

It’s important to note that the length of a year isn’t always the same as the length of a calendar year. For instance, the year 2020 was longer than a calendar year due to a phenomenon known as a leap second. Leap seconds occur when the Earth’s rotation slows down, and the extra second is added to the end of the day to keep the calendar in line with the seasons.

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We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how many minutes are in a year. Although there are a few exceptions, the general rule is that a year is around 525,600 minutes long. However, if it’s a leap year, then the total number of minutes increases to 527,040.