10+ Ways Is There Two End Credit Scenes In Eternals

10+ Ways Is There Two End Credit Scenes In Eternals. As looper's eternals review notes, fans. In the closing scenes of eternals, dane whitman ( kit harington) tells sersi ( gemma chan) that he doesn’t want there to be any more secrets. There are two extra scenes. Marvel's eternals follows in the tradition of the marvel cinematic universe by having a couple scenes waiting to be revealed in the credits.

The first extra scene comes about 2 1/2 minutes into the credits. Stick around after the end of eternals! However, before they have a chance to change their course, hope arrives in the form of two surprising new people who portal onto the ship:

For the most part, the movie feels very contained to its.

Though marvel's newest movie, eternals, dabbles in the lives of each of the ten immortal eternals on earth, sersi (gemma. In this eternals post credit scene, dane is seen pacing the room, trying to psych himself up for something. The marvel movie features not one but two important end credit scenes and were breaking down.

Yep, There Are Two End Credits.

Eternals was originally going to be our big first step into the next chapter of the mcu, and it’s finally here.

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Conclusion of 10+ Ways Is There Two End Credit Scenes In Eternals.

Yep, there are two end credits.