13+ Easy Ways What A Bad Credit Score. What is a bad fico score? A very poor score is anything from 0 to 550. If your fico score is between 300. Instead, it is an indicator you might have a hard time repaying a loan.

A consumer with bad credit is considered a risky borrower, usually due to owing large amounts of money or having a history of unpaid bills and debts. Bad credit may be preventing you from getting the credit card you need. Bad credit score for housing.

Using the same 300 to 850 scale, a.

On the other hand, if you. An excellent score is anything over. Moneysupermarket’s credit monitor service uses transunion and credit scores range from 0 to 710.

Fico Scores Range From 300 To 850.

A bad credit score can make it difficult to open new lines of credit, and it can also interfere in your search for an apartment or job because landlords and employers often run.

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Conclusion of 13+ Easy Ways What A Bad Credit Score.

Your credit score is based on your credit report, which is a.

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